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Psychotherapy in an ever changing World

About me

My name is Daniel Heiman, and I'm a registered clinical psychologist . I have worked in several public clinics and now concentrate in my own private practice in Tel Aviv. I combine Dynamic psychotherapy, Somatic psychotherapy, Buddhist meditation (or "mindfulness"), CBT tools and the principles of Hakomi Method. My PhD. is about the relationship between Polyamory, Love and Jealousy

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Starting therapy is not an easy thing, but similarly to going to faraway lands – it can be a fascinating exploration of who we really are and the world we live in. In my opinion good therapy is not only self-discovery, but also helps us to be in tune with the outer reality, which is not always synchronized to the way we want or feel. But even prior to that – therapy is first and foremost a curious and respectful meeting between two human beings that create together a safe space for observation, investigation and learning. There's certainly a place for theories and investigations, but first better develop the capacity of being together, present and flowing with whatever crops up.

Love in the 21st  century

Freud once said that love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness. But today many people find it hard to combine their romantic love with freedom, security and authenticity in their lives. Some people find themselves compensating, while others keep waiting for the one, with whom all of these will fit perfectly. Polyamory,  a non-monogamous consensual relationship between two people, or more offers an alternative perspective on those matters. My PhD is  about Polyamory and jealousy, and I find special interest in advising and helping people that find interest in this path. In contrast to monogamy that dictates exclusivity of sex and love, in polyamory everyone can place themselves on the exclusivity spectrum, and choose the way that fits them while finding like minded partners. Non monogamy can provide great levels of freedom and love but can also be confusing and baffling. Good guidance can help make the best out of this journey.

Some people think that meditation is some sort of a relaxation technique. like breathing exercises or chamomile tea. I believe this is more or less right, but more so, meditation is a powerful technique that allows you to experience yourself in the present moment thus allowing change to happen. I practice Vipassana meditation, an ancient technique of Buddhist meditation. Mindfulness meditation  is an adaptation of this technique. I've been practicing Vipassana meditation since my late teens and it has been an important part of my life ever since, both as a practitioner and a therapist. Similarly to psychological therapy, in order to create long and lasting change, better stat with observing things as they are. Meditation is a powerful way of of self-discovery and often can bring into consciousness things we were not aware of. Once things are more clear and accessible to us – change is bound to happen. I have found meditation to great influence on many aspects in life, and doing it together with another person is no less than a powerful way for change and acceptance of ourselves.

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