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My name is Daniel Heiman, and I'm a clinical psychologist. I work in several public clinics and also have my own private practice in Tel Aviv. I combine Dynamic psychotherapy, Somatic psychotherapy, Buddhist meditation (or "mindfulness"), CBT tools and the principles of Hakomi Method. My PhD. is about the relationship between Polyamory, Love and Jealousy



Starting therapy is not an easy thing, but similarly to going to faraway lands – it can be a fascinating exploration of who we really are and the world we live in. In my opinion good therapy is not only self-discovery, but also helps us to be in tune with the outer reality, which is not always synchronized to the way we want or feel. But even prior to that – therapy is first and foremost a curious and respectful meeting between two human beings that create together a safe space for observation, investigation and learning. There's certainly a place for theories and investigations, but first better develop the capacity of being together, present and flowing with whatever crops up.


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